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Letter from the Chapter President

Claudia E. Cruz, president, NAHJ Bay Area Chapter

Claudia E. Cruz, president, NAHJ Bay Area Chapter

¡Saludos mi gente!

I have a very good feeling about 2016, especially after such a successful 2015. We remained steadfast to our mission and successfully accomplished many things, particularly in the area of professional development and student engagement. Curious what we did? Check out my previous Letters to the Chapter here and here.

In essence, not only did we secure funding from PG&E for a spring student internship we also managed to place an intern for the first time at the San Francisco Chronicle. The inaugural student is UC Berkeley School of Journalism’s Marcos Martinez. Hopefully, this relationship grows and the funding continues so that we can offer this opportunity every year and develop stronger programs with the areas flagship paper.

In addition, the Sacramento Bee has started to accept applicants for their paid Jennifer Garza Memorial Internship. This will be the third summer that the NAHJ Bay Area and the SacBee cooperatively fund the internship and the third time that PG&E serves as NAHJ’s grantor. Stela Khury served as the Garza summer 2015 intern (here are some of the clips she shared with us).

As you can see, the development of our student chapters has been an important focus for the professional members. Despite its foundation merely four years ago in spring 2012, the NAHJ Bay Area chapter now serves as the local advisor to three student chapters established at San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley School of Journalism and San Jose State University. Collectively, the three universities represent very diverse regions of the Bay Area, which opens up the opportunity for better and more collaboration between reporters and students in the East and South Bay as well as San Francisco county.

NAHJ Bay Area chapter member Sal Rodriguez talks to students about their resumes at San Francisco State University this past February.

NAHJ Bay Area chapter member Sal Rodriguez talks to students about their resumes at San Francisco State University this past February.

One way we’ve put this into practice has been through our resume and interviewing round-robin workshops. Last November 2015, the journalism department chair at City College of San Francisco and founder of the acclaimed El Tecolote newspaper Juan Gonzalez hosted one such workshop at CCSF. It was well attended by students and professionals. One of those professionals was a journalism professor at SFSU and she reached out about bringing the workshop to State. Well we did so this February 2016, it was an outstanding success! More than two dozen students and about 15 working professionals from media as diverse as the Center for Investigative Reporting, KRON, KPIX, CNET and the SF Chronicle attended. I hope these workshops become yearly staples.

And I want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the NAHJ SJSU chapter. The majority of their members publish the student-run El Espartano Noticias, the school’s only Spanish-language news service. Not only are they putting out a digital print edition, but recently they’ve begun to produce a digital broadcast service. Here is a bit of what they are up to.

As a chapter we are also trying to find more ways to collaborate with the other professional organizations in the area. We participated in the joint all-media holiday party in December; still in the works are workshops with the local tech giants like Google, LinkedIn and hopefully Facebook, to learn how to better utilize their platforms for reporting; and of course, NAHJ’s national convention in Washington, D.C. this year will be co-hosted with NABJ. Bay Area chapter members should seriously consider attending convention especially because they will invite the Democratic and Republican nominees to participate in a Town Hall meeting. Oh, another incentive is that the chapter will pay for one individual’s airfare.


The chapter met for a general chapter meeting at the San Francisco Examiner on Tuesday, Mar. 22.

So, reflecting back on everything we’ve accomplished and all of the plans we all already have for 2016 – including the annual Casa Diaz barbecue, another SF Giants outing and a big fundraising event (still in the works!) – yes this will be another outstanding year.

Thank you so much for all of your commitment to ensuring that more Latinos get jobs in newsrooms and that news stories about Latinos are told with accuracy. ¡Pa’lante!

Claudia Cruz

The Sacramento Bee seeks NAHJ intern for Jennifer Garza Memorial Internship

The Sacramento Bee building where McClatchy headquarters are located in Sacramento, Calif. Hector Amezcua/Sacramento Bee



Student members of NAHJ are invited to apply for the annual Jennifer Garza Memorial Internship at The Sacramento Bee.

The Bee and NAHJ Bay Area chapter fund a paid 10-week summer internship that aims to give aspiring journalists the opportunity to gain a practical education, professional experience and have a great time in the state’s capital. You’ll work on stories, be assigned a mentor, and hear experts, from the publisher to investigative reporters, talk about the ever-changing world of journalism.

You must be an NAHJ member to apply. The deadline is April 8, 2016. Please send a resume and samples of your work to Scott Lebar, managing editor at the Sacramento Bee: slebar[at]sacbee.com

The Jennifer Garza Memorial Internship, which came about through a partnership between the Bay Area chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and The Bee, honors former reporter Jennifer Garza (now deceased), who championed more diversity in the Bee’s newsroom. Stela Khury served as Garza summer 2015 intern (and here are some of the clips she shared with us).

The NAHJ Bay Area chapter is able to partially fund the summer intern with a $1,500 grant received from PG&E. The Sacramento Bee matches the other amount of the paid internship.

Marcos Martinez joins the SF Chronicle as the first NAHJ Bay Area Intern


Marcos Martinez

The NAHJ Bay Area chapter proudly announces that UC Berkeley NAHJ student chapter member Marcos Martinez Chacón will start as a spring intern at the San Francisco Chronicle on March 14th.

Martinez will be the NAHJ Bay Area chapter’s first sponsored interned at the acclaimed regional paper. He will be assigned to the Metro Desk under assistant editor, and San Jose State University graduate, Suzanne Espinosa.

“I’m thrilled to be selected to be part of the San Francisco Chronicle through the NAHJ spring internship program,” said Martinez. “I consider this an honor and a great opportunity to enhance my journalism experience in the United States.”

Born and raised in northern Mexico, Martínez aims to bring about more transparency and accountability to governmental institutions, in particular that of the current leadership in his country. As a reporter in Mexico, he covered political and governmental affairs for Grupo Reforma‘s newspaper in the state of Nuevo León and for CNN Mexico’s news site.

Currently, Martinez seeks a Master of Arts from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. There, he contributes to the Investigative Reporting Program (Mexico Program) and he’s written about technology and the Hispanic community in the San Francisco Bay Area for media outlets such as Univision.

Under Espinosa’s supervision at the Chronicle, Martinez will pitch, report and write some of his own stories. If the stories pass the scrutinizing editing of Espinosa, they could land Martinez clips online and in print.

“I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work with Marcos – and to give him the opportunity to work at the San Francisco Chronicle”, Espinosa said. “I’m looking forward to working with him on stories – his ideas – about Latinos, immigrants and the tech industry.

Martinez’ paid internship was made possible through a grant that the NAHJ Bay Area Chapter received from the PG&E Foundation. The foundation currently helps to support two NAHJ Bay Area interns a year. The second internship takes place at the Sacramento Bee during the summer months.


Resume and Interview Workshop at SFSU goes off without a hitch


Around two dozen students participated in a joint NAHJ Bay Area and SFSU journalism and broadcast department resume and interviewing workshop.

This picture captures it all.

More than two dozen students attended the resume and interviewing workshop on February 24th co-sponsored by the NAHJ Bay Area Chapter and San Francisco State University journalism and broadcast departments.

The workshop came about after SFSU Journalism Professor Rachele Kanigel attended the NAHJ Bay Area chapter workshop at City College of San Francisco in November and desired to bring the event to her campus. After a few weeks of planning with NAHJ lifetime member and faculty at SFSU Marty Gonzalez and Associate Professor Venise Wagner, the workshop came together.


Journalism professionals stopped by SFSU on February 24th to help students prepare for the internship and job search.

In addition to Gonzalez’ and Wagner’s support on campus, SFSU has a student chapter led by President Erasmo Martinez and Vice President Alicia Mayo. Together and with the help of the professional chapter board members, including Vanessa Nevarez and Joe Fitzgerald, they were able to turn out student participation.

But the event couldn’t have come together without enough professional journalists to help review and critique resumes and interviewing skills. In total, 15 working journalists – from places as diverse as the Center for Investigative Reporting, KRON, CNET and the SF Chronicle – stopped by to assist students.

“We had a wonderful turnout and the students gained valuable insight from the professionals who reviewed their resumes,” said Gonzalez. “I’m hoping we can make this a regular event and continue to build the relationship between NAHJ, BECA and Journalism.”