NAHJ Bay Area Chapter General Meeting Agenda


June 27, 2018



Claudia Cruz, CNET en Español

Erica Argueta, CNET en Español

Lucio Villa, SF Chronicle

Nathan Olivarez-Giles, Apple News editor

Jesus Leon, independent

Carlos Avila Gonzalez, SF Chronicle

Santiago Mejía, SF

Alejandra Ramos, intern at CNET en Español

Noelia Gonzalez, AJ+


Meeting start: 6:41 pm


  • Old business
    • Professional Development (Education Committee: Mary and Lucio)
      • Marijuana panel Feb. 28 (~20)
      • Drone Workshop May 19 (27)
    • Elections (Election Committee: Victoria and Manny)
      • Created goals and timelines
      • We adhere to most of it except the timeline.
      • Two candidate mixers: one at Don Ramon’s (Jan. 31 9 PEOPLE?) and second at Agave in Oakland on April 11 (3 attendees).
      • Online Election held on
      • Model after NYC?
    • Update on Internships
      • Angel Guerrero, SacBee summer internship; no Fresno Bee or SF Chron
      • Paid for with PG&E money
    • Update Student Chapters
      • Outreach for student chapters has fallen off but we still need UC Berkeley
      • SFSU
        • Panels
        • Workshops
        • Work with their advisor
      • SJSU
        • Helping students fundraise
    • Other
      • Convention
        • Liliana Michelena
        • Claudia
        • Carlos
      • Fundraising
        • Giants Warriors
  • New Business
    • Installation of New Officers/Board
    • Goals for 2018 year
      • Move meetings around the Bay Area
      • Members Outreach:
        • how to convince new members by showing them what we do
        • Engage outside of events
        • Job section on website
        • Consistent events
        • Work with other affinity groups
        • Sizzle video with chapter members – Erica and Amelia volunteered
        • Coordinate lunch with latino reporters in area
      • Tech
        • Organize logins
        • Email campaign
        • Newsletter
          • What journalists are doing?
          • Job sections
        • Contact database
        • Update Facebook Page (change from group to Page)
        • Update website with minutes
        • Have virtual meetings (Zoom)
      • Find new funders
      • Create procedures and workflows
      • Professional Development
        • How to branding yourself-  contact May Chow
        • How to apply for a job
        • Social media video producer workshops
        • LinkedIn workshop to better profiles and find scoops- contact May Chow
        • How do specific newsrooms work
        • How to be a manager
        • How to transition to English media
          • KQED
          • Damian Trujillo
      • Off-the-record workshops
        • Business models of the places we work at
        • Being a Latino journalist in the era of Trump: When do you speak up or not?
        • Racism in newsrooms
        • Latinas in newsroom separate discussion
      • Fundraisers
        • Pay for headshot as a fundraiser
        • Mixer with special drink that portions goes to chapter
        • Split door fees
      • Mixers
        • John Diaz’
        • Damian Trujillo
        • Victoria Sanchez de Alba
        • AT&T Giants game
      • MISC
        • A national report that chapters can work on together
        • Want to a census of Latino reporters (with statistics, income levels); thesis project for someone?
        • “Se activó” journalism project in Central Coast/something like Mosaic
        • Do we want to host a Regional?


Adjourned: 8:18pm