Resume and Interview Workshop at SFSU goes off without a hitch


Around two dozen students participated in a joint NAHJ Bay Area and SFSU journalism and broadcast department resume and interviewing workshop.

This picture captures it all.

More than two dozen students attended the resume and interviewing workshop on February 24th co-sponsored by the NAHJ Bay Area Chapter and San Francisco State University journalism and broadcast departments.

The workshop came about after SFSU Journalism Professor Rachele Kanigel attended the NAHJ Bay Area chapter workshop at City College of San Francisco in November and desired to bring the event to her campus. After a few weeks of planning with NAHJ lifetime member and faculty at SFSU Marty Gonzalez and Associate Professor Venise Wagner, the workshop came together.


Journalism professionals stopped by SFSU on February 24th to help students prepare for the internship and job search.

In addition to Gonzalez’ and Wagner’s support on campus, SFSU has a student chapter led by President Erasmo Martinez and Vice President Alicia Mayo. Together and with the help of the professional chapter board members, including Vanessa Nevarez and Joe Fitzgerald, they were able to turn out student participation.

But the event couldn’t have come together without enough professional journalists to help review and critique resumes and interviewing skills. In total, 15 working journalists – from places as diverse as the Center for Investigative Reporting, KRON, CNET and the SF Chronicle – stopped by to assist students.

“We had a wonderful turnout and the students gained valuable insight from the professionals who reviewed their resumes,” said Gonzalez. “I’m hoping we can make this a regular event and continue to build the relationship between NAHJ, BECA and Journalism.”