Annual BBQ at ‘Casa Diaz’

Let’s get together to enjoy our summer, before el llorón de “el Niño” arrives!


Our Annual BBQ at Casa Diaz is on Sunday, Aug. 9t at 4 p.m. Arrive on time or arrive on “brown time,” either way just arrive. We have such a big Latino/Hispanic media community in northern California, why not get to know each other better? There is no harm in that.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s John Diaz hosts the annual barbeque at his home. This is a great place to have casual conversations out of the workplace while eating some great carne asada and/or healthy dishes. Bring a dish or drinks — what a better way to get to know each other than sharing food!

The conversation and the drinks are plenty, so bring yourself and a friend to “Casa Diaz” and meet future friends and your NAHJ Bay Area familia. See you there ¡amigos!

RSVP and tell us what food item you plan to bring or if you need a ride on the NAHJ Bay Area Facebook page at